Over the last several months, we’ve been working hard to ensure our users posts are scheduled successfully and without interruption.

Last month we released some changes to help limit the number of posts that are scheduled to a social account each day. This has helped us significantly reduce the number of scheduled posts that were rejected by Facebook’s automated system. Our team sleeps a little better at night knowing we are not upsetting Facebook…as much 🙂

Not only have the limits reduced rejected posts, it has also helped many users see greater visibility and exposure within feeds. Facebook loves unique content, and reducing the amount of duplicate and overly-frequent posting has helped many users see improved results.

Pre-filled Content

We recently launched some changes to help us further comply with Facebook’s policies: removing pre-filled content.

According to Facebook’s platform policies, an app (e.g. TinyTorch), cannot:

“Pre-fill the user message parameter with any content the user didn’t enter themselves, even if they can edit or delete that content before sharing.”
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We strive to be 100% compliant with the Facebook platform policies, to help avoid post rejections and ensure we can remain an active member of the Facebook app community.

Recent Changes

You’ll notice the following changes when scheduling a post.

Scheduling a Post You Created:

There are no changes when scheduling a post you created yourself. Hooray! Facebook allows applications to: “Populate the user message parameter with content a user manually entered earlier in your app’s flow.”

Scheduling Another User’s Post:

When scheduling a post you found from another user, you’ll notice that the message input box is no longer pre-filled. The original message is now displayed above the input box (see below).

We encourage you to use the original message as an example and not to simply copy-paste the message. Doing so will increase your risk of having posts rejected, or even worse, getting put into Facebook jail. We hope these changes won’t affect your existing workflows within TinyTorch. We are fortunate to have a very active community within TinyTorch and hope to continue to develop features that can help you find and share the best social content.